How I Became a Better Cook

Becoming a better cook is a bug that I picked up after my stint as an event coordinator. I had the chance to work with some amazing chefs (one of them a Top Chef winner) and after each class I would get to taste the chef’s creations. Becoming a better cook hasn’t just been about making delicious food, it has been more about making good food effortlessly. My thinking is that effortlessness comes with practice. The more I practice the basics of cooking, the more effortless I will become at making my own recipes.

So when one of my favorite food blogs, The Kitchn, debuted their post series, The Kitchn’s Cooking School, a 20 day, back to basics cooking class, I got excited. After 7 days, I have been eating good! All of the meals that I made for #KitchnSchool have not only been delicious but they are also easy to make. This class is truly for everyone who wants to become a better cook and it might help you realize that your not that bad of a cook after all.

For me, cooking school is bringing me back to basics and giving me more confidence in the kitchen. Let me show you my progress so far.

Day 2: Onions and Garlic

Making caramelized onions for the first time was easy! All it takes is low heat and patience. They make a great topping to soups and baked potatoes. It’s fascinating to see how the onions slowly change over time.


This is 4 onions chopped into slices.


The onions after 10 minutes…


After 20 minutes…


After 30 minutes.

Day 3: Vegetables

This lesson was about cutting vegetables more than the vegetables themselves. Preparing the veggies was the homework.


Here is a tray of what I call Roasted Fall Vegetables, which is combo of broccoli, apples, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes.


Here I steamed some broccoli and dressed it in a mustard – lime vinaigrette (and that carrot soup is topped with caramelized onions).

 Day 4: Eggs


I hard-boiled eggs for homework (and a snack).


For dinner, I souffléd eggs for the first time! I learned that soufflé tastes like a cheesy custard and is essentially a béchamel sauce mixed with fluffy egg whites.

Day 5: Chicken


Roasting a whole chicken is really easy and tasty, but I am always trying to get the crispiest of skin and juiciest of meat.

Day 6: Meat


I rarely make pork chops, but I really should make them more often. Brining made the meat flavorful and I made a pan gravy to top my chops.

Day 7: Seafood


Salmon is always a treat for me and I had been wanting to make this recipe since the summer. It was so yummy.

I will be posting all of my #KitchnSchool lessons on Instagram.

Check out The Kitchn’s Cooking School for yourself and let me know your progress.