My Summer Update

Blogging can be hard.

I write this statement in hopes that readers will understand my absence from blogging since early May.

As I stated in my about page, this blog was started as a learning experience for me and the experience has been great! I love interacting with the blogging community and find that blogging is challenging, interactive and creatively rewarding.

But it is also time consuming. It takes time to learn and apply new skills when it comes to taking photos and editing to put out work that you take pride in, and sometimes other priorities take precedence. With summer going by so quickly and my schedule dramatically changing from month to month, I have found little time for blogging until today.

So here is a quick synopsis of my summer so far.

I have been doing some serious closet cleaning. My premonitions for closet cleaning started in June and came at a good time because I am planning a move in September. I have been planning this move since early July and I am excited to be in an apartment building with a rooftop deck (that will be perfect for gatherings with friends and 7/4/2014 fireworks), a gym (hopefully this will encourage me to work out more), and close proximity to the DC metro! Here are just a few items that I have for sale on Threadflip. Check it out when you get a chance.


I made an amazing trip to Philadelphia at the end of July to see Major Lazer with some of my NYC buddies.


The weekend trip to Philly was loads of fun and a welcome retreat. I stayed in Fishtown which reminded me a lot of my neighborhood back home. Most of all, I really enjoyed cheesesteaks from Geno’s,


and Dim Sum from Ocean City Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. I hope to be back soon.


On another exciting note, I am going to Turkey at the end of the week!


I have been planing this trip ever since I found out I was accepted into a study abroad program in Istanbul through my graduate school. It was such a fantastic opportunity to add to my graduate experience and will be such a great ending to a fun and productive summer. My study abroad program in Istanbul will last for a week, but I have planned to extend my stay for another week to sail the Turkish Turquoise Coast for a little R&R. I have an exciting two weeks ahead of me! To carry my through the summer, I have created a Pinterest board to be inspired by Turkish culture,


and reading Who Really Speaks for Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think by John Esposito to learn more about Muslim culture and values.

While I am really excited about my trip, packing really stresses me out. I am not used to planning my outfits. I think my experience with the 30 X 30 remix challenge has really helped me to look at clothing differently. I am more conscious about using pieces in multiple ways. So I hope I will be able to pack modestly.

On a final note, I must thank my readers for all of their support. Blogging is a really great creative outlet and I am glad that people are enjoying my work. I have learned so much and am looking forward to putting some of my new ideas to work. Check back soon.



2 thoughts on “My Summer Update

  1. Welcome back Morgan! Looks like you have been really enjoying your summer. 🙂 Great news about Turkey. I hope you enjoy it there as well.

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