The Haiku of My Life

Yesterday I stumbled upon a new blogging challenge and I was immediately intrigued. Jenni from Story of My Life, created Blog Every Day in May after being inspired by one of her favorite bloggers. It is such an interesting challenge because it focuses on writing about yourself. and not being caught up in being perfect. This seems like a tough challenge, but I am up for it. As a student, I’m CONSTANTLY writing and checking my grammar. But I have learned through my studies, that writing is a practiced skill, so I am hoping this challenge will keep the creative juices flowing. I obviously jumped on the bandwagon a day late, but I am hoping to make up for it.

The May 1st challenge was to write the story of your life in 250 words. Now that may seem like a lot for some people, BUT FOR A LIFE STORY, it’s nothing. Mine came out more like a haiku and I hit the 250 word mark exactly. Here it goes:

The Haiku of My Life

The doctor broke my arm as I was being born; the only time in my life I broke a bone. I was a happy child. As an only child, I always wanted a brother. I was part of a modern dance company and played the violin when I was young. I LOVED dancing and still do.

IMG_0471Pic of me in my leotard for a dance company photo shoot.

My parents separated when I was six. I saw the pain that divorce brought to my mom, but time heals all wounds. But not for my dad, I can still see the pain and anger he has about his failed marriage.

I went to the same school from 4th grade until I graduated. I was a social butterfly. I loved history class. School became a community, like a small town where everyone knows your business.

My mother’s death after my first semester of college shook me up and changed my life forever. I still miss her. Studying abroad in Vietnam shook me out of my depressive funk. I learned so much about my strength and loved the new experience.

After graduating college, I hit ground running. But I wasn’t happy at work. I was laid off twice until I went to school. Now I’m dedicated to public relations. I’m optimistic about a successful career change.

This year, I will be 29 years old. I appreciate the wisdom that age brings a person. I accept my maturity and look forward to the future.

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