Outfit #30 – The Last One

30 x 30 Remix Challenge

Outfit 30

DSC_0059So this is it! I have finally made it to the last outfit in my 30 x 30 remix challenge! This look centers around this polka dot T from Stylemint. Apparently I only wore this once during the remix challenge (it got lost in the laundry) and I had to make a point of wearing it one more time during the challenge. I tried to flip the lapel of the blazer to give it a different look, but the lapel wouldn’t stay in place…oh well.

DSC_0072Blazer and earrings, Forever21.

 This look is simple and comfortable. It is also very similar to the outfit I wore to kick off the 30 x 30 remix. My first outfit was all about black and white as well.

DSC_0054Not only is today my last day of the remix challenge, it is also the last of my school semester. I so glad because I need a break from school. See ya!



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