Outfit #28 – Layering a Black Cardigan

30 x 30 Remix Challenge

Outfit #28

DSC_0006Before I composed the last three outfits of my style challenge, I literally made an inventory of each piece of clothing in the remix and how many times I wore it. I discovered some interesting things such as; the items of clothing I wore the most and the ones I wore the least. Can you believe that this simple, black cardigan was one of the items I wore the least during the remix? So I made a point to wear it now.

DSC_0014Dress, Dorothy Perkins. Pink henley, Stylemint. Cardigan, H&M. Bag, JustFab.

Instead of just throwing the cardigan over my striped dress, I thought a little layering would be more interesting. So, I wore a pink henley and treated the stripe dress more like a skirt, then the black cardigan didn’t seem so boring.

DSC_0003I am actually quite happy to be down to the last two looks for the 30 x 30 remix challenge. I have patiently worked my way through it but it was a true CHALLENGE and I learned a lot about my style, and my closet.

DSC_0011If it weren’t for the remix challenge, I probably would never have thought to layer this shirt over a dress. I also feel like remixing your closet is a good tactic for packing. Knowing the pieces that are most versatile in my closet will make packing a lot easier. After this 30 x 30 remix, I don’t think that I will be doing another until summer. A summer remix challenge will be interesting because I will have to be very practical, the weather is very hot and humid in DC, another challenge for composing different looks.

DSC_0001Check back tomorrow for outfit #29!



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