Outfit #21 – Out of the Blue

30 x 30 Remix Challenge

Outfit #21

DSC_0032It seems like the weather has warmed up ‘out of the blue’. One week I am pumping the heat in my apartment and the next it’s the air conditioning. Although the weather can’t decide whether it’s spring or summer, I think I can hang up my winter coats for later.

DSC_0045Blazer, LC Lauren Conrad [on sale!]. Striped top, H&M. Black jeans, Old Navy.

DSC_0047Earrings, Forever21.

I love this combination of different blues. It’s very unexpected. But with simply shapes and sparkly earrings, how could you go wrong? What’s great about the 30 x 30 remix challenge is that the lack of choices really lends to my current state of laziness. I have been swamped with work and just don’t have the motivation to move to far outside of my comfort zone. But this remix challenge really does challenge me and the sooner I get to the end (only 9 more outfits to go), the more I surprise myself.

Check back soon for outfit #22



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