Outfit #16 – The Cold Spring Front

30 x 30 Remix Challenge

Outfit #16

DSC_0002I get it. It’s officially spring, but it’s still COLD (in DC).

DSC_0008Sweater, The Limited. Bag, JustFab.

A little sunshine will NOT have me posting outfits outside with high-heeled sandals, bare legs and light blazers in the name of spring. So, I was happy to wear this sweater.

DSC_0015Skirt, Jason Wu for Target. Shoes Converse.

I was skeptical about wearing tights and sneakers, but comfort overwrote any worries I initially had.

Slide1Last time I wore this skirt and sweater were early on in the remix challenge. What I have noticed is that I like to wear this sweater with BLACK. Although I have worn the sweater with jeans and a skirt, they have both been black. I think the next challenge is wearing this sweater with color, maybe I will try matching it with my blue pants next time.

Slide1What I love about the remix challenge is that is forces me to try new things with my wardrobe. I have never worn this sweater with a skirt, but I will now! I’m so glad that I kept this old sweater around.

DSC_0017Check back soon for outfit #17.



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