Outfit #12 – Style Lessons

30 x 30 Remix Challenge

Outfit #12

DSC_0001Chambray shirt, Forever21. Cheetah print skirt, Forever21 (altered). Boots, Old Navy. Bracelet, Forever21.

This is a quick update of the 30 x 30 remix challenge. It seems that this style challenge has a theme of facing fears. This long sleeve white shirt from Stylemint has been confusing me, so it has stayed locked up in the closet. I find it overall unflattering and the shirt stretches out throughout the day and loses shape. But I thought that it looked great under my favorite denim shirt (but most things probably do).

DSC_0030Necklace, H&M.

Do you see what I see? I see an unflattering piece of clothing. It makes me feel slightly sloppy as well. Lesson learned! I will be keeping this shirt underneath sweaters and shirts.


Have you learned any fashion lessons the hard way like I have? Let me know.



One thought on “Outfit #12 – Style Lessons

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