My Love for LUSH


I fell in love with LUSH ever since I stumbled upon their store in London in the summer of 2004. I was studying abroad for the first time and while I was there, I spent my free time wandering around the neighborhoods of London. The LUSH product that made me a true believer was Buffy, a moisturizing body scrub bar. It gets the job done and leaves your skin soft and moisturized.

If you don’t know, LUSH is a store that makes homemade cosmetics. All of their products are 100% vegetarian and they don’t test on animals. They offer an array of bath products as well as skincare, makeup, haircare and other random goodies like toothpaste and perfume. I love that they use fresh ingredients like fruits, essential oils, cocoa butter, honey and beeswax. LUSH is such a treat because their products are so unique and indulgent, so I though I would share with you what I have been using lately from LUSH!


Ro’s Argan is a body conditioner. Slather some of this on before you get out of the shower and PAT dry, and this will leave your skin with a slight oily sheen and super moisturized. I used to do this trick with baby oil before getting out of the shower, and Ro’s Argan is a more indulgent version of this trick. It smells wonderful, has a creamy consistance, making it easier to apply than baby oil and you don’t need to use a lot to get the job done.


Turkish Delight is a what LUSH calls a shower smoothie. It is a whipped body wash/scrub that has a thick and creamy texture.  This smells like your nose is buried in a dozen roses. The fragrance is one of the reasons that I love Turkish Delight! It makes showering an experience. Scoop a small amount of this on a loofah or wash cloth and this works itself into a thick lather. Unfortunately, the scent doesn’t stay on the skin when you leave the shower.


Ocean Salt is a scrub with real salt, lime, and vodka. My first thought was that this was going to be too rough for my skin, but I was wrong. The salt dissolves as you use it and helps to dry up imperfections. It’s also great at a body scrub.

lush1-7Coco Lotion and Sympathy For The Skin are lotions. Coco Lotion is made with coconut oil and fresh pineapple but is nearly fragrance-free and is suggested for sensitive skin. Sympathy For The Skin is made with bananas and cocoa butter. I love these lotions in the summer, when I want a moisturizer that absorbs quickly and has no tacky feeling. I am currently using Sympathy For The Skin.

I have used up all of the products mentioned except for Sympathy For The Skin. When I am done, the lotion will be my fifth empty container from LUSH and then I can go to a store and recycle them for a FREE fresh face mask. I have never used the LUSH face masks, so I checked the website to learn more about them.

First off, they have to refrigerated at all times because LUSH uses fresh fruits and vegetables in their face masks. The masks that appeal most to me and my skin concerns are:

Cosmetic Warrior, made of grapes, honey and tea tree oil, and

Cupcake, made with cocoa powder and butter and tons of mint.

I am sure the associates at LUSH will help me make the best decision between the two.

If there are any readers that can recommend their favorite LUSH products, please let me know and leave me a comment. I’m interested to know what other people love at LUSH.

See ya soon,



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