What does LadyMorganLaFey Mean?

I get a lot of weird looks when I tell people that my email/Twitter or whatever is Ladymorganlafey. They don’t know how to pronounce it and are generally confused. Most people don’t understand why I don’t have a normal email/Twiiter/username that is more similar to my name.

Well, the fact is my full name is fairly common and usually already taken. So I started Ladymorganlafey.

First off, it is a play off of Morgan Le Fay.

Morgan le fay was a sorceress in the King Arthur legend. She was also the half-sister of King Arthur and learned her sorcery from Merlin, the wizard. I learned all about the legend when I was in fifth grade and was always most interested in her character because we shared the same name.


So instead of copying the legend, I made a slight twist.

Morgan le fay -> Morgan la fey.

And since I am SUCH a lady, I threw a lady in front.

lady  \ˈlā-dē\  morgan \ˈmȯr-gən\  la \ˈlä\  fey \ˈfā\

I think lady and Morgan are self explainable. I am a lady and my name is Morgan.

la \ˈlä\

To pronounce this, think of the movie Sound of Music. Think do, re, mi, fa, so, LA, ti, dow.

fey \ˈfā\

Listen to pronunciation here.

According to Merriam-Websters dictionary, fey has many meanings.  It’s an adjective that means crazy, touched, doomed, clairvoyant, excessively refined and/or quaintly unconventional. That’s a lot!

Whatever the case, Ladymorganlafey is becoming my digital identity, however obscure it may be. So I hope this helps to clear up any confusion there may be about the name Ladymorganlafey.




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