Outfit #6 – Trying to Make It Work

30 x 30 Remix Challenge

Outfit #6


This skirt was a purchase that I made with some regret. Being unable to return the skirt, I am following the words of Tim Gunn and I am trying to make it work.

What I do love about this Stylemint skirt is its neutral color and demure length. But there is nothing timid about this skirt, it is tight and form-fitting, making it more appropriate for a girl’s night out than the office.


I paired the skirt with a chambray shirt from Forever21


and blue heels from H&M.

Unfortunately, this is not a weather-appropriate outfit. I would HAVE to pair this outfit with tights to venture outside (I will try this next time) but I love the way this skirt looks with bare legs. Although I am not in love with the skirt yet, I am hoping that a few more sessions of dress up with give me some ideas on incorporating it into my wardrobe.

On another note, I just returned from a trip to the Cayman Islands. I had such a fun and relaxing time that I am already making plans to go back. Otherwise, I am using this weekend to catch-up on blogging, so check back soon for outfit #7.


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