30 x 30 Remix Challenge (For a Beginner)

In an effort to keep myself from shopping, I am going to start a 30 x 30 remix challenge.  This challenge is quite popular with personal style bloggers.

It was started by Kendi Everyday who came up with the challenge of taking 30 items in your closet and making 30 outfits.  I love the idea and Kendi has some inspiring examples of 30 x 30 challenges she’s documented and completed on her blog.

I want to participate in the challenge because I am bored with my closet.  Not only that, there are a bunch of items in my closet that I HARDLY ever wear.  I am hoping with some creativity, this will change. I think this challenge will give me a chance to play with accessories. Plus it will give me a great reason to blog.

So here are the 30 items that I choose to stick with for 30 days:

4 Sweaters + 9 Tops + 3 Pants + 3 Skirts + 3 Blazers + 2 Dresses +  6 Shoes = 30 Items From My Closet.






I tried to throw in pieces that I don’t wear often to create more of a challenge. What I am most interested in is learning what pieces I love to wear and which pieces I hate. So far I can see I have chosen a neutral color palette with shots of blue. I hope that I don’t get bored quickly with the color palette as I have read from others who have completed the challenge. Otherwise I can’t wait to get started and remix my wardrobe!


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